Rabbit Boarding

Rabbit Boarding

Rabbit Boarding Services
As an alternative to having your bunnies visited at home, why not board them in our “Bunny Hotel” beside the Sea in at our home in Sand Bay. Caroline offers Small, select accommodation of 3 large hutches in a secure pen at night, with a beach hut theme!

We have ample grazing in secure runs in our “Bunny Meadow”, shaded by a holly tree in summer. We like to see bunnies having lots of exercise and so they will spend as many daylight hours as possible in the meadow, in all but most inclement of weather.

Your bunnies will need to provide proof that they are up to date with their myxomatosis vaccination, and also bring their own dry food supply them. Hay, bedding and fresh veg is all provided. Prices are £5 per hutch per night, £8 per night for a bonded pair sharing a hutch.

Caroline is a trained veterinary nurse and very experienced with rabbits –clean bottoms, fly strike, reduced appetite and droppings are all monitored, and any medication your bunny may be on can be administered at no extra cost. 

 Why not treat your bunny to a holiday beside the sea!
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