Pet Boarding

We look after your Animals in our home while you are away, from a small caged pet to a large dog
  • No Kennels
  • No Cages
  • Treated as pets
  • 1 Acre Enclosed paddock
  • 2 Daily Walks
  • Council Licensed
  • Vet Approved

Typical Day for our boarders

hilltop2 8:00am time to get up and out to the paddock.

Come back in for breakfast (optional) and a 20 minute walk.For the rest of the morning and early afternoon its free time for the dogs, choosing between chasing around the paddock, or just taking it easy either inside or out.

Mid afternoon a choice of two walks: A 40minute hike for the young or young at heart, OR a 20minute stroll for the oldies. 

Siesta until tea-time, although those with energy can race around the paddock.

Evening, even more free time before going out to the paddock for one last time before bed after a very tiring day.