Cool Dogs

Cooling jackets – These jackets come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit all breeds and types of dogs, and look a little bit like a cross between a harness and a doggy life jacket. The construction of the jacket itself is porous and designed to hold water, and they are dipped in cool water and wrung out, before being put on the dog.

Cooling mats – Thin fabric mats that contain a cool gel layer or alternatively, are constructed and designed like a cooling jacket that needs to be soaked in water. While cooling mats are not useful for a dog on the move, they do have the added advantage of giving the dog the option of lying on the mat or not, so that when the mat is no longer cool, the dog can move away.

Towels and Water – Soaking a towel in water and wrapping it around your dog for a short period of time (until the towel is drying out) or placed on the ground for your dog to lie on can have the same instant cooling effect as a cooling jacket or mat. However, the effect will be shorter in duration, and so will need regular replenishment.

Paddling Pools – Setting up a small paddling pool or other small, low-sided vessel that your dog can climb in and out of with ease is a great way of helping your dog to keep cool in the summer and make their own choice about whether they want to make use of it or not!

Cool Food and Drink – Putting a few ice cubes in your dog’s water dish or even making them veggy ice lollies.

Frozen Water Bottle – Fill a two litre plastic bottle with water and freeze, leave this in your dogs bed to keep them cool, this works for any furry or feathered pet.