Everything You Need To Know About Animal Cremation Services

Losing a pet is one of the most difficult things an owner can go through. For many of us they
are like members of the family, and their deaths can hit us just as hard as losing a blood
relative. So it’s no surprise that in the last few years animal cremation services have grown
in popularity as owners look to find ways to mourn their pets and keep their memories of them

Today we wanted to introduce you to the idea of animal cremation, what it involves,
and how to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

What Happens In A Pet Crematorium?

A pet crematorium is essentially set up in the same way as a human one. They are places of
mourning, dignity and respect, and the whole premises should have a soothing atmosphere.
Staff are on hand to guide you through the journey and share their sympathies, so you don’t
have to navigate this tough time alone.

There will be 4 stages in organising a cremation:

  • Stage 1: Contact us to discuss the arrangements for your pet, either after they have passed or if you’re making preparations in advance.
  • Stage 2: Memorial items or Urns can vary so the crematorium will normally show you a selection of urns and help you to choose one for your pet, if you decide you want one. The crematorium may also offer other keepsakes or memorial items, including boxes or jewellery. Some crematoria also offer a space in this room for you to place a picture of your pet as a permanent memorial. But remember, you don’t have to purchase memorials from the crematorium – you can bring your own.
  • Stage 3: This is when the cremation will take place, this room is kept separate from the other rooms and contains prep equipment and a cremation chamber. It’s a clean and sterile area, designed to treat your pet with respect and dignity.
  • Stage 4: Once your pet has been cremated and the crematorium has released their ashes, the crematorium will return your pet to you in your chosen memorial box or scatter pouch.

Which Animals Can Be Cremated?

Cremation is not just limited to humans, and in fact, it hasn’t been for a long time. The most
common animals to be cremated are dogs, cats and horses,
but it’s not limited to
just those.
It’s also possible to cremate smaller pets, including hamsters, rats, rabbits, birds,
reptiles and even fish. In short, if you loved your pet, you should be able to find a
crematorium that can handle them.

Losing a pet is a terrible thing, but cremation can provide you with a measure of closure and
give you a method to grieve.
It can also help you feel close to your pet even though they
aren’t there anymore, with many pet owners deciding to have their ashes made into jewellery
or ornaments for display in their favourite spot. If you’re struggling with the loss of a pet, or
need some help making your pet comfortable towards the end of their life, we are always
happy to help.

If you’re interested in pet cremation, please check your local branch with us at Animals at Home.