Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider A Pet Transportation Service

Getting a pet from point A to point B might seem simple, but in reality it can be a challenge. Especially if you’re not able to do a lot of things for yourself, or circumstances leave you without your own transport. This can be incredibly stressful for both you and your pet, and can leave you wondering how you’ll make the journey. But never fear – pet transport is here, along with 5 reasons you should consider a pet taxi for all your movement needs.


When it comes to transporting your pet, you want them to be safe during the journey. This doesn’t just mean they can’t run around the car though – it also means making sure that if you are in an accident, your pet is as safe as they can be and unlikely to suffer major injury. But unless you spend a lot of money kitting your car out with the right safety equipment, that’s not always possible. Also, in the winter months it’s imoprtant to keep your pets warm on long journeys, see our tips for caring for your dog in the winter. Our pet transportation services has been specifically designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable no matter how long or short their journey is.


If your need to transport your pet a particularly long way, they may need attention and some creature comforts along the way. A small carrier or crate might be fine for taking them to the vet for quick trips, but they will struggle as time goes on. Our pet transportation services carries all of the equipment needed to look after your pet and keep them comfortable, including beds, towels, leads, muzzles, carriers,  food and water, first aid equipment, and even climate control! Our pet taxi/animal ambulance are kitted out specifically for the safety and comfort of pets, so it’s like a mobile home for your pet, with everything you and our operators need on board.’


Getting your pet used to other people is important, especially if they’re young – puppies need training in socialisation asap. Using a pet taxi service means that your pet can meet and interact with people who aren’t direct contacts with you. This is good for their development (especially in puppies and kittens), and can give them a lot of contentment on the journey. All of the Animals At Home operators are animal loving pet owners themselves, so you know they’re in good hands!


If the worst should happen to your pet, getting them seen by a professional as quickly as possible should be your priority. Our pet transportation services at Animals at Home provides basic pet moving services but also doubles as a pet ambulance. Emergency transport for your pet from your home to your vet clinic. Not only will this get your pet to the vet faster, but on the way, they will be in the care of professionals. All of our operators are pet first aid trained, and receive further training at an RCVS accredited vet hospital, which means they can care for your pets from the second they arrive.


Sometimes taking your pet somewhere can be a challenge. Whether that’s because you have a large dog that won’t fit in your car (we’re looking at you all Great Dane owners!), because you aren’t able to drive, you don’t have the right carriers to transport your pet in, or you just don’t have access to a car that day. In this case, pet transport services mean you can still get your pet the care they need without causing any stress to yourself or them. Most pet taxis and transports can be booked by owners as well as vets for routine, non-urgent and emergency pet transport.

At Animals At Home we provide a specialist pet transport and ambulance service, so you can provide the best care for your pet during transit. Available for routine appointments and emergency care, you only need one number to make sure your pet gets where they need to go. For more information, just get in touch with the team today, or if you’re looking for even further distances like oversea pet transport, see our Animal Airlines services.