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Boarding Family Care

We take great care in selecting our Host Families

All of our families have houses which are suitable and are dog lovers themselves.

They are fully interviewed and insured and only once a host family has been agreed by the Local franchisee, our Director of Veterinary services will agree the application.It takes a special kind of person to be able to offer the Animals at Home Hosting Pet Care Service.

It's not just that our dog holidays offer a great alternative to boarding kennels or pet-sitting. They must also provide genuine affection and one-to-one attention, and their homes should be totally suitable for looking after your pet.


With such a variety of hosts to choose from, we can ensure that your dog will fit in - and that the environment will match as closely as possible, the sort of home he's used to. We try to stick as closely as possible to the pet's normal routine such as feed times and our carers will provide plenty of exercise and attention. All of our carer's homes are safe and secure and we always match the best possible carer to your pet.

If your dog is used to an active, outdoor lifestyle we can provide this and if they are older and need a quiet home then we will use a carer who is best suited for this. Our fantastic host families really are the heart of Animals at Home hosting dog care.


We offer you peace of mind knowing that your pet is in the best possible hands when you can't be together. You know your pet will always be in safe hands as all pets are cared for by experienced, trained members of our team.

You will be invited to visit the host family before you choose, so you can see the environment your best friend will be staying in and meet the people who will look after him or her.