Case Study

Many people ask us what is a typical day? The reality is they differ but here is an example from a real day, taken from Katy and Lee who run Animals at Home South Coast Limited.

A day in the life of, Katy and Lee (Animals at Home South Coast)

Thursday 30th April

7am - got up and straight over to my first job, a pair of cats - one of which is diabetic and needing regular insulin injections. We have known them for such a long time they even wait for us at the window!

Between 8 and 10am I am rushing along the coast visiting more of our furry friends, feeding them and having some cuddles with those that are willing!

In the meantime Lee has had a lie in as he had a call out late last night taking a dog who was having problems breathing to the vet, this lie in is short lived as he has another call from one of our regular ladies who wanted to book me to take her cat back to the vet later that afternoon as her ear problem has flared up again! Lee books this in then sets to rearranging our day so everyone can be seen!

Between 11 and 3 we have all our dog walks for people who work full time and can't get home at lunchtime! Everyone is very excited to see us and love having a nice long run!

4pm - I have the call out from this morning, unfortunately the cat is not overly keen on visiting the vets and it takes myself, the vet and a very strong towel to restrain her so the vet could examine her! We are soon done, and armed with her antibiotics I drop the lady and her cat back home!

When I finish I drive home and start doing paperwork while I wait for Lee to finish for the day! When he gets back he tells me about his day - sounds like the phone has been busy with inquiries and we even have one of our favorite house sits booked in again - a small holding with dogs and two new kittens who we haven't met yet!

At last we can sit down and relax ready for tomorrow!