Animals at Home are Going Green…..

Animals at Home are Going Green

With Animals at Home City Care Franchises using Brand New Electric Bicycles in city centres, we can also announce that outside the city we are also ‘Going Green’ with Animals at Home – Crystal Palace’s new delivery of a fantastic new all Electric Ambulance replacing the old Diesel Ambulance.

Ian from Crystal Palace says Re the new ambulance, I’m thrilled to bits with it. Its fast, quiet, clean, and smooth. The manufacturers say that it costs £2 to fully charge during off-peak times. It has a timer so I can tell it when to charge up. With a range of about 85 miles, I only use about half a charge per day, so I reckon it’s costing £1 per day in electricity. Not bad when I was spending £4-5 per day on diesel. My insurance dropped by over £200 which is a bonus. I paid for a charging point at home, as it’s safer and twice as fast as running a cable from a socket, and the government coughed up half the price. Services are about half the price too, as there’s so little that needs maintenance.”

Animals at Home City Care Bike