Animals at Home First 4×4 Pet Ambulance

Introducing our first 4×4 response vehicle

Animals at Home Cornwall have the  first 4X4 in the fleet, designed by Animals at Home and supplied through Hardwoods garage on the Isle of Wight.

The DEFRA compliant stainless steel cages are manufactured for us solely by Island Sheet Metal (ISM) ltd again on the Island. It is converted by Hardwoods with full air-conditioning and a free air system supplying a constant internal air flow. 

The cages are designed for cleanliness for all our animals and can be kept clean easily by the Veterinary trained operator. It has first aid kits for animals and people and comes with fitted “Vet Bed” linings for greater absorption and easy of cleaning to ensure if “Accidents” do occur they are easily managed. 

It has a dog ramp to allow easier access for injured or more mature animals which allows a walk in effect for a dog thereby assisting with any injuries by not having to lift the animal. It also carries a microchip reader to identify lost or injured animals. 

Animals at Home Cornwall covers many rural area’s and the 4WD abilities of our new Pet Ambulance will ensure services are offered all year round.