Dog Poison Warning in Hampshire

Dog Poisoning Warning

A BIG thankyou to Helen at Animals at Home Meon for bringing this to our attention.

A HAMPSHIRE pet owner is warning dog owners to take care after her dog nearly died from poisoning after a walk in her local fields.

Claire King’s dog Pip is lucky to be alive after her owner believes she ate something while walking in Hatch Grange, West End – a popular area for dog walking.

She had only just got back from her walk when 10 minutes later she began frothing at the mouth, her legs gave way and she collapsed on the floor.

By the time Claire, of High Street, West End, had rushed her to the vets her liver had failed which caused hypothermia and Claire was told to expect the worst.

A vet local vet confirmed that Pip had most likely been poisoned.

Luckily, the 18-month-old chihuahua cross Jack Russell was put on an intravenous drip to flush out her system and has since made a full recovery.

The vets were not able to determine what she had been poisoned with and cannot tell whether it was a chemical-type poison or a natural poison like mushrooms.

Pip’s owner said she had not yet eaten any food that morning or when she came back and it happened within 10 minutes after the walk so she thinks it must have happened at Hatch Grange.

She wants to warn other dog walkers of the risk, but also get something done to sort out the problem.

Animals at Home advise that owners should be vigilant when out walking their dogs, take care to ensure your dogs are not scavenging whilst out walking.  Any signs of sudden changes in behaviour your dog should be taken to your local vet as soon as possible as poisoning can cause your pet to deteriorate very suddenly.