Last Minute Pet Sitting

My friend said she would help! Now they are away! Can you help? TOMORROW

Well if I gave a pound for every time I hear that story I would be running lots more Animals at Home ambulances!! Seriously now, all of us have in the past hoped that our neighbour or friend could look after our pets when we go away – after all they know them and they have always said they would, haven’t they?

So you book your holidays and ask them to have the pets, sure they say, no problem just let us know. That is amazing no kennel or cattery fees just a gift to get for their return, so simple.  The holiday draws near and you have tickets, passport ready etc just one thing to do check what time your friend or neighbour is ready to come and help learn about the pets. One phone call to make. You make that call and guess what, they have forgotten, are away, have relatives staying, children are allergic!! Oh dear! They can’t help.

Panic time, who can you get to do it!! This is when Animals at Home can hopefully step in and help out and if we can’t we hope we can point you in the right direction for professional help. However if you make a booking with Animals at Home in advance and get all your pets care sorted beforehand (preferably give us a few months!) then you can peacefully enjoy your holidays with regular texts and emails about how your pets are doing. Great for your peace of mind and of course great for your pets! It may cost you a bit more but hey, these are your special pets and deserve the best holidays don’t they!

We take care when you are not there! Animals at Home.