Does your pet have fleas?

The Fleas are back in numbers! With such a mild winter and warm summer we have started seeing a good few flea cases already, last night I saw a non itchy dog (so wasn't allergic to flea bites) with an estimated four to five hundred fleas on board! I must admit I itched myself for some hours afterwards.

We strongly recommend that prevention is better than treatment in flea cases it can take three months to resolve a serious flea infestation, and for those lucky pets who are not allergic to flea bites you won't even see them scratching!
I know I am always banging on about lung worm, but today I've seen two suspicious cases that we were able to confirm within a few minutes with a new simple in house blood test. Both cases had bled into an eye. This parasite is about, it's prevalence is increasing, it is nasty. All dogs should be adequately protected.
Dog with Fleas

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