Animals at home IoW ltd is the longest running home pet care service for the islands pets established here in 2003 .

This year we launched our pet first aid talks for keen pet owners who wanted to know what to do to help save their pets life should an emergency arise out of the blue at home or away on a walk.

This has proved very successful with participants saying “advice which will be invaluable should the need arise” and “helpful and reassuring” – if you missed out and wished you had gone!!! do get in touch for our next event for info and learn more about or “IN THE FIELD PET FIRST AID POUCHES!” which we had on offer at out talks and proved a useful addition to your pets walking kit !!

Next Course Coming This Autumn

Feedback from our delegates –

“An absolutely brilliant idea and a really enjoyable course – Thank you”

“I learnt so much, extremely helpful and shall recommend it to friends”

Please let us know if you wish to attend and reserve a place, and your preference for dog or dog and cat mixed training.

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