Sue and Neil Speed

“We have been really delighted with the Animals at Home dog walking/ dog sitting service. Our Red Setter has taken a shine to Sharon very quickly and is always exited when she arrives. Despite the fact that the pooch can be car sick at times, she will rush out to wait impatiently by the Animals at Home van until she is let in!
If Sharon gets a moment to have a quick catch up coffee with me before the walk then the red head becomes quite indignant about having to wait!
When returned to us after the walk, at either the office or home, the pooch is also clean/ dry/ suitably tired and VERY contented.
We have also used Sharon and Paul for a “sleep over” and were equally pleased to know that the red head was happy and had a lovely time.

We would Highly Recommend using Sharon and Paul at Animals at Home when it comes to walking and caring for your pooch. We find them to be professional yet approachable and also understanding and accommodating at short notice if at all possible.

However on the downside we do admit to feeling slightly reluctant to share this review with others, as selfishly we would like to keep them all to ourselves! ” – Sue and Neil Speed.

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