Working with Animals

Typical Day in the life of a Franchisee

The daily life of a franchisee is different every day. Franchisees manage their own bookings and daily diary and routine, so there are of course the regular pets you’ll see every day for dog walking; or the occasional animals you’ll visit while the owners are away, like home visits to cats, rabbits, small fluffies, reptiles and even paddock or hobby animals like ponies, goats, alpacas and poultry; these are the daily routine jobs within your ‘patch’.

There’ll also be routine and urgent pet taxi or animal ambulance jobs come through to you direct, either from pet owners or through the relationship you have with local vets or pet professionals like dog groomers, pet charities and your home dog boarders. These can be fitted around your daily routine and often are at the beginning and end of the day; but of course there’s always the last minute vet appointment or groomer slot to get the pet to!

You’ll also be meeting new clients, liaising with your home dog boarders or Hosts Families, arranging future services with established clients, making daily posts on your branch social media, updating your client booking and invoicing system and making sure all the jobs have been ticked off for the day.

Above all, you’ll be your own boss. You’ll be able to work out your own priorities in which pets to see and when, you’ll choose your best and most efficient routes to visit pets, you’ll be able to stop and have a break when you like and take in the views (often from the best ‘office’ in the area; your van!), but most of all, you’ll be  working with many different pets and animals every day. You’ll build up fantastic and trusting relationships with those animals, and your clients over the years and enjoy being a professional pet carer and trusted service provider for your local community!