Everything You Need To Know About Animal Airlines

Have you ever wondered how you would manage if you needed to fly somewhere for a long holiday, a temporary work re-assignment or even to move? What would you do with your pets during that time? While in the old days you may have had to leave them at home with family or friends, now you can take them with you. This is great news for the animals and for you, but it also comes with a lot of extra work. Let’s be honest – travelling abroad is stressful enough, without having to worry about organising transport for your pet as well. Luckily there is a really easy answer to this – Animal Airlines.

What Is Animal Airlines?

Animal Airlines are all about making the travelling process as smooth and simple as possible for both you and your pet. Whether you’re travelling to visit family, for work or for a permanent relocation, it’s important to make sure your pets are happy and safe when travelling with you, even if they have to travel separately.

Our expert pet movers come in right at the beginning, as soon as you know the details of your travel. We can evaluate your pet by size, type and temperament and design a transport solution that will be comfortable for them and affordable for you. This includes Animals at Home working with Pet Relocation companies who supply IATA compliant travel containers that supply food and water during the journey, who assist with filling in and submitting all the right documentation, check-in services and even arranging overnight boarding services if your flight is delayed. 

So whether you’re travelling with a hamster or a Great Dane, you can be sure they arrive safe, happy and ready to settle into your new home.

Easing Travel For Animals With Anxiety

Animal Airlines is a service that came out of our own experiences of travelling with pets. While some animals travel quite easily even on aeroplanes, many experience a lot of anxiety during the process. Everything from being contained in a carrier to the process of flight and all the strange sights and smells can be incredibly stressful, and we know you as a pet owner would hate to see your animal in distress. Some animals will need to have special medication to keep them calm or make them sleep during flights, but others can be soothed by having a companion with them and the process going smoothly.

Reducing Stress for Humans

Even if you’re travelling with your pet in the cabin with you, having everything arranged for you can be a huge help to reducing your stress on the journey. Travelling abroad, even if it’s a short-term trip, can be an immensely stressful thing, and the last thing you want is the extra stress of having to organise your own pet transport

There are a lot of processes, documents and red tape you may need to go through in flying with your pet, depending on what your country of destination is. There are quarantine periods, vaccination and microchipping requirements, health certificates, organising carriers and even pet passports. At Animals at Home, our Animal Airline service is designed to take all of that stress away. Once you know you’ll be travelling and taking your pet with you, just fill in an online enquiry form and we can handle everything for you. So all you need to worry about is not forgetting your passport!

At Animals at Home, we are passionate about the health and welfare of animals big or small. Travelling and experiencing new things can be an amazing thing for a pet, but it doesn’t have to be stressful as well. If you would like to know more about our Animal Airline service, just get in touch with the team today.