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Pet Services We Offer

We look after your Animals in their home while you are away. From a small pet to a Small holding we offer a variety of services based around your animal's needs designed to make their lives more comfortable while you are away.

If you are at work all day or just too busy, we can offer guaranteed visits to homes to ensure that feeding takes place when needed, dogs are walked and other animals are catered for.

As part of the service when looking after the pets at home, we can also water plants and ensure that when our customers are away on holiday or business, that the property is secure.

If you are planning a holiday or business trip and do not want to put your pets into kennels or a cattery, then we can help.

We can react to emergency situations 365 days a year to assist all owners that require our services. We are fully insured and all our carers are security checked.

We also provide Pet Taxi/Animal Ambulance that will collect your pets and transport them not only to the vets, dog parlour but also beyond.


Animals at Home have buddied up with Heckin Good, you can now video call a registered vet nurse, any time you have a question about your pet. Whether it's dental health, diet, nutrition, behavioural, or just a pet peeve that's been itching away at you.

Our Heckin Good nurses are here to use their decades of experience to help, so that you don't have to spend endless hours searching for answers online. And best of all, our consultations are completely free, unlimited, and can be booked on the go, or from the comfort of your own home!

Fiona has been a vet nurse for over 25 years, working in practices all over the UK before switching to telemedicine. Then Heckin Good snapped her up and made her our Lead Vet Nurse! She can chat to you about dental health, nutrition, skin issues, behaviour, exercise and weight management. Plus, she can create personalised care plans to support your pet’s overall wellbeing.

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"I have been a vet nurse since 1999, working in various vet practices around the UK. I also worked in Waltham Pet Centre in nutrition, and for Idexx laboratories. I lived in Spain for 10 years and worked in animal rescue for the local charity Triple A in Marbella running the vet clinic there and also in local vet clinics. At this time I trained and worked as a dog groomer too!

Back in the UK I worked as a Head Nurse managing a team of vets and nurses, and then moved into locum work in emergency care, night nursing and working in day practice. I like a good mixture!

For the past 3 years I have been working in telehealth. Buddycare is the 2nd telehealth role as Lead veterinary nurse, giving online video consultations to pet owners from the comfort of their own homes. This gives me the great opportunity to use my skills and experience to their full potential discussing nutrition, (fussy eaters are my speciality!) dental care, skin health, behaviour (anxiety), puppy and kitten advice, and geriatric advice.

It’s great to be able to see pets relaxed without the stress of going to the vets, and can move around the home with the pet owners asking various questions to get a full idea of any changes that could be made.

I currently live in Kefalonia, Greece, with 3 dogs and 3 cats (5 of these are rescues!) and enjoy island life to the fullest and the Greek food too!"

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