Top 10 Reasons You Should Hire a Dog Walker

When you first get a dog, your breeder will be sure to tell you all about their needs and how to take care of them properly, to make sure they can live a long, happy and healthy life. Just one of the things they will tell you about is how important walking is for your dog. It’s not something you can ever avoid – even the smallest or most docile breeds need to be walked daily! But while some dogs will only need 1-2 walks a day, other breeds will need 5-6, so it’s important to know what your dog needs and how you plan to meet those needs. Because if you work for 9 hours a day, getting in those consistent walks can be a challenge!

That’s where a dog walker can be a huge help. But did you know there are other reasons you should consider hiring a dog walker?

You Work Long Hours

Today’s working world is hectic, and all of us have got caught up at work and ended up staying late at least once. It’s never an ideal scenario, but when you have a dog waiting for you at home it can become problematic. Dogs with anxiety might be upset by the change in routine, your dog may need the bathroom after spending all day at home or they may just be getting lonely without you. If you use one of our Animals at Home dog walkers they will come in during the day and they can make sure your dog is toileted, fussed and taken care of, and can even look after them while you work late, so you never need to worry about your dog waiting at home.

You Want a Healthy Dog

Dogs are a lot like humans – they need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. And if they don’t get the right amount of exercise, they can get obese, just like humans. A recent study by the Royal Veterinary College revealed that 1 in 14 dogs are recorded as overweight or obese every year, with certain breeds being more susceptible than others. Obesity in dogs can lead to all sorts of health problems, leaving them with no quality of life and sometimes even worse. Making sure your dog gets regular walks during the day can help keep their weight down and keep them as healthy as possible.

Dogs Need Socialisation

Dogs are very sociable beings, and they need lots of company and stimulation to keep them happy. And we all know you dread that last sad look as you say goodbye to your pooch for the day! Hiring an Animals at Home dog walker can help provide the support and socialisation your dog needs, and break up the monotony of their day at home. Walking stimulates all of their senses, keeps them engaged, and helps them get used to being around other people and dogs – making them a safer and happier dog.

Special Occasions

We all have the odd special occasion that we just can’t take a dog along to. Weddings, funerals, family days out and more – sometimes dogs aren’t allowed or aren’t appropriate. If you don’t have any family or friends nearby who can take care of your dog for you, then a dog walker is your best bet. Then can pop in and make sure your dog is happy, fed and watered, and make sure they get their daily walks while you’re away. So you can still attend those special events without worrying!

You Have a High Energy Breed

As we mentioned earlier, some breeds need more exercise than others, and high energy breeds like Collies, Spaniels, Australian Shepherds, Jack Russel’s, Huskies and Dalmatians all require a lot of exercise and stimulation every day. Most of the breeds we mentioned there need a minimum of 2 hours exercise every day, usually split into at least 2 walks, with lots of space to run. If high-energy dogs don’t get the exercise they need they can develop bad habits like chewing, barking, herding and aggression. If you work full time, you may not always be able to find time for that – but our dog walkers can!

Bathroom Breaks for the Young and Old

If you have a very young puppy or an older dog with health issues, regular bathroom breaks are essential. Especially if you don’t want to come home after 8 hours of work to accidents all over your nice cream carpet! Our dog walkers can tailor their service to your needs, and can sometimes pop in multiple times a day to make sure your dog gets all the toilet breaks it needs while you’re at work.


Sometimes dogs get sick. It could be a long term illness like diabetes, or just a short term issues. But if it requires medication to treat, then you need to make sure you’re sticking to the instructions and giving your dog the right dose at the right time. For example, diabetic dogs typically need insulin injections twice a day. If your dog needs meds 3 times a day, this can be difficult if you need to work. Our provided dog walker can handle this for you when they take your dog for their daily walks, so you can rest easy knowing your dog is getting the treatment they need.

Behavioural Support

Not all dogs are well behaved. Many dog, especially if they are rescues, can have behavioural issues that need a lot of support and care to handle. They may have developed anxiety from being alone in an empty house, or have aggression issue from a previous home. They may be incredibly bad with other dogs, or misbehave when on the lead. Our Animals at Home trained dog walkers can work with you to provide behavioural support and appropriate socialisation and exposure, gradually improving your dogs behaviour over time and making everyone happier as a result.

You Have Health Issues

If you have a chronic health issue or injury, you may not be able to keep up with the needs of your dog all the time. For example, if you struggle with joint pain and have bad days, or you break your leg and need to be in a cast for 6 weeks, it’s going to be very hard for you to walk your dog! We can lift some of the burden here and make sure your dog is getting their regular walks when you aren’t able to do them.

Peace of Mind

Finally, hiring a dog walker with us can give you peace of mind about all of the above, and more. Many dog owners (including us) worry about our dogs while we’re out at work or at events, and our dog walker can help relieve some of this. They can send us update pictures, give them food and water, take them for walks and give them lots of love, so you know you’re always going to come home to a happy dog at the end of the day.

Dogs are energetic and loving companions, and we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to give them the best life possible. A dog walker is just as essential as a vet to many people, helping keep their dog happy and healthy for years. If you need some support in walking your dog find out more about our dog walking services.